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"We have been considering bringing home a puppy for quite some time now and with it being our first dog, we really wanted to ensure that we went to the best breeder possible. We found Alycia through an ad on Kijiji and went to meet her; we weren't sure what to expect or if we would even commit to a pup that night, but our meeting was great and we fell in love with the baby that would become our Bear in that first visit. Over the next month and a half, Alycia was extremely accommodating in us seeing Bear every weekend and providing us with clear, helpful information about his behaviour and how to prepare for bringing him home. It's evident in her interaction with her dogs just how passionate she is about proper care and love for her pets, and that was something that was very important to us as customers. Alycia is experienced, knowledgeable, and kind-hearted, and we would definitely recommend contacting her if you are someone interested in adopting a shepherd puppy!"


                                                              ~Jen and Theo

Snow 2016

"We had been searching for our first puppy for over a month, and hadn’t made a final decision about whether or not we would make the commitment.  Upon visiting Alycia, we found that she was extremely informative, giving us details on Snow’s parents and their general health. After this we felt confident that she was a responsible breeder and would help us through our journey with Snow, so our final ‘Yes!’ came only a day later :)

Throughout the entire process, Alycia kept us updated with pictures and videos, always letting us know how Snow was progressing with her training, her overall growth and well being. On pick up day she was extremely accommodating, working around our busy schedule. However Alycia’s dedication to the pups and owners didn’t end there. She assisted us with all transitioning issues we had as first time dog owners, including vet visits, potty training, food allergies and more. Without Alycia we would have had a lot more trouble getting through our first week with Snow! She kept our spirits up, and even during my moments of paranoia she addressed all my concerns patiently. Its been a few weeks and Snow is adjusting well, and of course she is so easy to fall in love with. I would highly recommend Irie Shepherds to anyone that is looking for a lifelong Shepherd for their home!"

                                                                     ~ Marmitha


Wagner 2015

"When I was first searching for the right puppy I had no idea that German Shepherds could have various coat colours, but I could not be happier that I found Irie Shepherds when I did. It was love at first nip with a solid black pup whom I now have such an amazing bond with. Wagner is a kind-hearted, intelligent, and well mannered dog who constantly receives compliments on his unique look. Although I was a little nervous to get my first dog, Alycia was more than helpful with all the guides she provided me with and she made sure Wagner was a happy and healthy little guy. I could not have been more pleased with my experience with Irie Shepherds!"                                       ~ Sydney

Lucy 2016

"It took me a long time to decide to add a new member to our family. I knew it would be a big commitment and I wanted to be sure the puppy that we choose would be a good fit for our family. Once we met with Alycia and her animal family, you wouldn't believe the relief our entire family felt. Alycia was very professional and cares about the puppies that she breeds. We were able to come and meet our puppy and to our surprise to met our puppy's mom and grandmother as well. We could see the temperament of the dogs was good for family. She sent us photos of our puppy after we met, which was great to prepare my children for her arrival. She was very helpful in what she provided when our puppy was finally able to come home with us. She went over the information with me so I understood everything. It was all very helpful information to ensure our puppy would make a smooth transition. I appreciate the time and effort she put into making sure our puppy would be properly taken care of."


Luke 2016

 My son Brock found your advertisement for German Shepherd puppies online. He had been looking for a couple of months for a purebred, male German Shepherd puppy. He had been wanting a puppy for about 2 years. He started corresponding with you by email and set up an appointment with you to see 2 puppies. We all came to meet you and see the puppies. You were very welcoming and allowed us time with the puppies. At the visit we had many questions which you answered. Brock chose one of the puppies and we placed our deposit and signed the paperwork. Brock text you several times over next few weeks with questions about his puppy and you were always very quick to respond. You kept pictures on Instagram of all the puppies so we could watch Luke grow. We really appreciated this. You emailed and texted when the time was close to pick Luke up and were very accommodating. We loved the puppy package that came with Luke as well as being provided with your vet information so if our vet has any questions we have the information. We absolutely love Luke. He is such a sweet puppy. Luke had a mild health concern that we kept you informed and appreciate that you keep in contact. You have made the entire experience wonderful  and have recommended you. We continue to follow IrieShepherds on Instagram as we like to see how Luke's parents and siblings are doing.

                                                    ~ Pickard family

Leo 2016

"I must say. You brought me the most amount of happiness I've ever experienced. Thank you so much for everything. He is the love of my life!"


Fawn 2016

"We had such amazing experience with Irie Shepherds. Alycia was so caring for all the pups and was extremely knowledgable about dogs/puppies/training/food choices/etc. Our vet was extremely impressed with how healthy and beautiful our puppy was upon our first visit. Alycia was amazing about setting up appointments for us to come and see our puppy and allowed us to being our three year old to meet the puppies and their mom. We will definitely be using Irie Shepherds again in the future when our pup gets a little older and needs a friend! Thank you for helping us find our newest family member Irie Shepherds! "💙

                          ~Caitlyn & Dylan



Gus 2015

Back when we were in the search for another dog we came across Alycia's ad on Kijiji. We weren't looking for a specific bred as we were open to any. Once we saw the White Shepherds we knew we were interested. I emailed Alycia right away and she was very informative about the puppies! We then took the trip to Hamilton from Courtright to look at the puppies when they were two weeks old and as soon as we got there we felt very welcomed. Alycia gave us the back ground on both Irie and Gunner and what made her want to bred Shepherds. She answered any questions we had and had lots of information. As soon as I heard all of the information and how well she handled her own dogs and the puppies we knew we wanted one! She went threw the whole contract with us and made sure we understood fully! After that visit we came back when the puppies were 4 weeks old and that's when Gus became Gus. We stayed for a couple hours playing with the puppies and Alycia showed us where they stayed and what she did with them! When we picked Gus up at 8 weeks old we got a binder full of information and a goodie bag with awesome items!! Alycia always keeps in touch with us to see the updates on Gus! We even got invited to the Dog-a-thon in Burlington to have a visit! Gus got to be united with his Mom Dad Sisters and Sansa! It was a fun filled day and Gus had a blast playing in the water with them all! I'm so very glad that we chose Gus and Alycia as our breeder and recommend her to everyone we know that asks about Shepherds. We love Irie Shepherds and wouldn't change a thing about our experience! Thank you for everything Alycia, you are awesome!! 


Gunner 2017

We have previously had 3 german shepherds and decided to surprise my husband with a new pup since our other dogs had lived long healthy lives. It seemed like time to share our love with a new dog.

I searched online, Kijiji, many people and breeders advertised dogs. Now with social media it seems there are pups everywhere. I had dialogue with so many people about getting a pup. My biggest concern was getting a healthy pup from an honest breeder. There were so many pups I could have purchased but I never felt comfortable with any of the people I contacted. Breeders always guarantee their pups but realistically after raising and nurturing a pup regardless of its ailments i would pay any amount of money to bring them back to health. i wouldn't be looking for a new pup for replacement. I wanted a healthy pup from a healthy nurturing environment and bloodline.

When I found Irie Shepherds i loved not only the pics of the pups but the background looked clean. Alycia obviously loves all the dogs and pups as she features them in her instagram and FB. We were invited to the premises to view the pups. It was a Very clean, bright environment for the pups and dogs. The dogs are only bred a limited amount of times before they retire from giving birth. She also questions the potential owners as she cares where her dogs are going. Upon receiving our pup we received a care basket with all pertinent information for our new pup including some good quality dog food, toy and temporary collar and leash. Since getting our pup i have heard from Alycia and kept her up to date on his behavior and health and she was pro active in giving some tips. I knew she said she had a "reunion" but i didn't expect to be invited to a park to reunite my pups siblings and parents already. Looking forward to attending this month.

I'm so glad I met Alycia and Irie Shepherds and would highly recommend them.


Laura Barbara

Silas 2020

Silas is such an intelligent, well rounded puppy. He immediately picked up on commands and potty training is going very well. He will go to the door already to go outside which is super impressive for his young age. I couldn’t be happier with our new family member. He’s a beautiful dog and I can’t wait to see him grow. I’m pretty sure I’ll want another down the road and it will be from Irie Shepherds. I highly recommend a dog from them if you’re looking for a dog with a great mindset. 


Nova 2020


Alycia took the time to answer every single one of my questions when I met her and the puppy for the first time. She provided me with so much information that I knew it was the right decision for me to take home a new family member. Nova settled right into our family and I truly feel it was meant to be! Thank you Irieshepherds I cannot wait to watch Nova grow and join all her siblings for a puppy reunion some day! 

                  - Heather

Vega 2020

I got my first puppy from Alycia at Irieshepherd. I got a female GSD, Vega. She is a joy, very bright and healthy. Alycia was very patient and kind to hear me out and answer my long list of questions. She put me at ease and helped me find a pup that suited my lifestyle. She was quite knowledgeable and was supportive before and even after I got Vega. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Alycia!

                   - Nausheen

Zoe 2020

Adding Zoe to my family has been one of my favourite decisions that I’ve made. Getting a puppy calls for tremendous amounts of patience and persistence and yet the whole journey from the search to find her until now has been filled with so much love, comfort, and excitement. Talycia has been nothing but supportive during the whole process. I felt beyond secure taking home a puppy from her. She’s provided me with support on basically everything; from puppy interactions, crate training, introductions and strategies with other animals, strategies for having a puppy and young child, and even more. You can see how much she cares for all of her animals so genuinely. She has fulfilled more than I could have asked for by always responding to each of my questions and in full detail. Even to this day, almost five weeks after bringing Zoe home, she’s still supporting me with all of her expertise. Never mind the fact that the pups she breeds are beyond gorgeous. The compliments I’ve received on Zoe have been unlimited. I love how much she’s cares about each of her pups journeys within their new home. I love staying connected through Instagram. There aren’t enough words to describe my gratitude for Irie Shepherds, I am beyond grateful.

                                                                 - Michelle



Skye 2020

Purchasing a puppy is a huge decision and a life long commitment. It is accepting a new family member! Alycia was amazing in the services she provided to us when we were looking for a puppy! Alycia answered all of my questions in regards to the breed, colour, and literally any question I had.. and she would reply very quickly. When Skye (the shepherd puppy we purchased) was growing every day in the first 7 weeks of her life she would be sure to send lots of photos- which I always looked forward to! When visiting our puppy for the first time, I loved how she took the time to explain her business and introduced us to all of the adult dogs! When picking up Skye, I was very excited and I knew going into it that it was the right decision! Skye is a very nice addition to the beginning of our little family. She is a beautiful puppy and all of the puppies are well taken care of by Alycia! Highly recommend!

                          - Sarah, Mike & Skye 



Calypso 2020

I would like to start off by saying how much we love our puppy we purchased off Alycia. Our solid blue girl Calypso is an absolute joyous addition to our family. Our experience with Alycia was absolutely wonderful. She readily answered all our questions and addressed any concerns we had. She was up front and honest with what was going on with the puppies health and treatments/ shots etc... Calypso is a very well rounded puppy with tones of energy and life. She’s not scared of anything and loves to find out what that new sound was she heard tail up and confident. I highly recommend Alycia if you are looking for not only a well rounded and confident puppy but also a not so standard but definitely not any less of a German Shepherd in the dilute colour spectrum of the GSD world. Her dogs are very happy, healthy and very friendly. We were able to meet not only mom and dad but many of the other pack members and see how well all dogs in Alycia’s direct care are from temperament to physical appearance. Over all I would rate her a 10/10 and will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a GSD/ or a dilute GSD and look forward to possible future pups from Alycia. Thank you so much for our puppy Calypso we are so in love with her and couldn’t have asked for a better puppy! Keep up the amazing work you are doing!





Zeus 2020

Alycia was super upfront and informative from the very beginning of our journey getting Zeus. She gave us all the information about him, his parents, and his feeding. Every week she kept us up to date with photos of his growth progress. Her best interest was always of the dog and which families they go to. When we first came to visit Zeus, we were very impressed with the temperaments with not only the puppies but also her adult dogs. The puppies are very socialized and has made a huge difference in Zeus’s personality. He loves everyone he meets and loves all our families dogs. On pickup day, she provided us with an awesome puppy care package, all the information of his vet records, and went home with a super cute tie. BONUS! Our puppy came in perfect health as promised, and her weeks of dedication to these puppies has already shown through in Zeus’s behaviours and attitude. Irie shepherds has done an amazing job breeding these German shepherds, and we will defiantly be using her again once we are ready for German Shepherd #2. We cannot thank her enough.



Buck 2020

This our second time adopting a puppy from Irie Shepherds and the experience was just as fantastic as the first time. We adopted our oldest Fawn in 2016 from Sansa & Gunner's litter. She is an absolutely stunning dog with an amazing temperament. In 2019 we knew it was a matter of time before we wanted to add another pup to our family. We got in touch with Talycia and let her know what we were looking for in our second puppy. As usual she went above and beyond to get us the perfect pup! We adopted Buck in the Spring of 2020 from Fitz & Daisy's litter! He is now almost 6 months old and has an amazing temperament and is growing into an absolutely stunning adult. Both Fawn & Buck are incredible family animals and do so well with our children (2 & 7yo). Both of them have incredible personalities and they get along so well together. We could not be happier with both of our pups. We continuously get compliments on their appearance and temperament. 

- Caitlyn



Lily 2020

We got our cute white GSD puppy Lily from Irie Shepherd. Alycia is so nice and responsible. She sent updated pictures every week to us. And she answered every question in details patiently. She even drew the direction map of the kennel for picking up the puppy. Lily is a very healthy and smart puppy and she settled at our home quickly. We are all happy to be with her now. We would highly recommend Irie Shepherd. Thank you Alycia!


Lily-two month old.jpg
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