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How much are your dogs?

 -Our registered puppies start at $2000

Do you offer full breeding rights?

- As of December 2021 we no longer offer breeding rights.

How do I start the process of purchasing a puppy from you?

 - In order to purchase a puppy you will need to email, text  or contact us via social media with which puppy ( by Name Code) you are interested in. A deposit must be made to hold a puppy. If you would like to be placed on our waiting list for an upcoming litter please feel free to email us with what color and gender of puppy you are looking for.

What are your accepted methods of payment?

 -We accept cash and etransfer 

How do your waitlists work?

 -We will require a non refundable deposit of $500 to be placed on a waitlist for any upcoming litters. You would reach out to us via email, text or social media with what gender and color you are seeking. We also have an email waitlist (no deposit required) at the bottom of this page

Does the deposit get applied to the price of the puppy?

 -Yes, the $500 will be deducted from the total price of your puppy.

Are deposits refundable?

 -ALL PAYMENTS are non refundable but may be transferred to another litter within a calendar year.

Do you allow visits?

-Yes. We welcome families who have placed deposits to come to our puppy meet and greet at our kennel once their puppy is 5-6 weeks old. this is where you will be able to meet myself, our adults dogs and your puppy's littermates.             - Kennel tour video

What is the difference between Limited and Full registration?

 -With limited registration you are able to receive all CKC paperwork and the dog would be able to compete in events but you will receive no breeding rights, meaning if the dog was bred you would not be able to register the litter. Full rights would include the same but you would be able to register the litter if the dog was bred. 

When will I receive my CKC paperwork?

 - All CKC paperwork will be transferred to the owners with proof of spay and neuter if on limited registration.

Do you title your dogs?

- We do enjoy participating and training in scent work, conformation and dock diving for fun and repor with the dogs but seldom enter competitions. A titled dog is not going to make it a better pet, it would definitely be an asset if you were looking for a future dog to compete trails with. We focus on health and temperament of the puppies we raise.

What is better to own, a male or female?

- I believe that is based on your lifestyle and experience with larger breed dogs. I find males tend to be more laid back while females are more driven and can be hard headed at times *I find females easier to train*

What if I cant keep my puppy?

- We will always take back any of our puppies no matter their age or circumstance if you are unable to keep them for any reason. 

What will my puppy come with?

- Our puppies go to their new homes with all accompanying vet records, first set of vaccines,  up to 3x dewormer, microchip and registration forms. Aswell as a puppy package including; toys, treats, bag of food (can be used as transition food), blanket that smells of home, custom name tag and more              2019 Puppy Packages

Why breed dilute German Shepherds?

- Blues, Livers, Brindles and more were a  present colour when the breed was created by Max Von Stephanitz in 1899. When the founder passed the breed was widdled down to our now traditional colours by breed enthusiasts. Blues, livers and isbaellas are a beautiful and authentic colour variation of the breed. Just as people come in many different forms, Shepherds do too. I love all variations of Shepherds but have fallen in love with the diversity and expressiveness the dilute coloured Shepherds are able to offer.

Are your dogs purebred?

 - Yes, all of our dogs are registered with either American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club both pure breed dog governing bodies. 

What is a blue German Shepherd?

 - A blue GSD is a German Shepherd who inherited both recessive genes from their parents, presenting the dd color trait making the fur look blue or grey and partially blocking the original pigments color.                What is a BLUE German Shepherd 

What is a liver German Shepherd?

 -A liver German Shepherd is a dog who inherited both recessive genes from their parents completely blocking the original pigment in the fur. Liver shepherds present the bb color trait making the fur liver or chocolate in color.

What is a isabella German Shepherd?

 -A isabella German Shepherd is a dog who inherited both the blue and liver recessive genes from their parent. Both colors are being presented in the fur at the same time

Are the parents health tested?

 -Yes, we are in the process of OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals)/ Pennhip xraying our breeding dogs who are over the age of 2, their results will be posted on our "Our dogs" tab. We are also embark DNA testing all of our dogs, the link will be found on our "Our Dogs" tab once the results are posted. 

What is a guardian home?

- guardian homes are where our dogs that live with other families but return to us to be bred and have their litters. More information about becoming a guardian homes can be found under the guardian home tab.

What is CKC and AKC?

-American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club both pure breed dog governing bodies. 

Are you on social media?

-Yes, we are on many platforms.

               - irieshepherds  /                 - Irie Shepherds /.                -  An Irie Shepherd

Do you offer stud services?

- We currently only offer stud services to approved Canadian breeders

Why are you retiring?

- After 10 wonderful years of loving and growing our German Shepherd breeding program its time to take a step back at the end of 2024 and enjoy the little things in life. We will always have shepherds as family pets but are looking forward to the slow cottage lifestyle of running our small farm, travelling and enjoying our free time with family and friends. I am beyond thankful for everyone who has supported us and watched us grow over the past 10 years. Wishing all our puppies long and healthy lives with their amazing and loving families. Thank you to everyone for staying with us 

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