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Co-Owner Testimonials

What is it really like to be a co-owner? Take it from these testimonials from our real co-owners!!


After looking for quite a while for a second dog I came across the ad online to co-own Gunner. I had many questions and had done some research about co-owning a dog with a breeder but all my concerns and questions were addressed in a professional and personable manner. Since our initial visits with Gunner he has settled in nicely and we are truly enjoying having him as part of our family. Gunner is our pet. We take care of his daily needs by feeding, walking, playing and giving him lots of love. We visit the vet and take care of the financial requirements as well. We are committed to caring for Gunner the same way we are committed to any other pet we have in our home....with a few benefits.

Co-owning Gunner allowed us to add a dog to our family for free. But not just any dog. A dog who has a great temperament and is healthy and vet checked. Irie Shepherds are responsible breeders and as such we were provided with documents to demonstrate Gunners suitability for breeding. We are also excited about the opportunity to add one of Gunners puppies to our family when we are ready.

Our perspective on co-owning Gunner with Irie Shephers is that we were able to add a dog to our family that is truly as much a pet as our other dog. A couple times a year she will arrange for Gunner to be with her for a few days to remain a part of the breeding program at Irie Shepherds.


Co-Owning our dog with Irie Shepherds is truly a Win-Win situation.


The Houston Family


When I first saw the ad online for co-ownership of a puppy I was very skeptical of it, so many questions crossed my mind, would this actually be our puppy or are we just housing the puppy for them? What if they wanted to just take away our puppy? Upon our first visit she put all those concerns and more to rest she gave a full details description of how her business ran, what we can or could not expect to occur, we were even giving the opportunity to interact with all the puppies she had available; including meeting the mother.  Alongside the detailed dialogue we had she provided us with paperwork which covered everything that she addressed with us.  She also provided us with a detailed binder that gave us the puppies information helpful training ideas, things to look out for any thing we should avoid with the puppy. This all made the idea of co-ownership more acceptable to us. 

Even after receiving Elsa (our puppy) she was still very helpful always an email, text or phone call away to answer any concerns we had.  She provided us with helpful tips when needed even informed of when we can see certain changes in behavior and how to manage them. She also contacted us to inquire of the health and so further of Elsa. If anyone was considering co-ownership I would definitely recommend  services, not only for the quality of services you receive but the quality of her  puppies. I definite 5 star with respect to all aspects of her services. 

                                                                                      ~K. Stanford


I’ve always had a love for big dogs ever since I was a little kid. I bought a Siberian husky 2 years ago and fell in love with the Husky Breed, so I wanted to stick to the breed I knew best. I was in the market for a companion for Husky. One night, while scrolling through the pet section on Kijiji, I came across an Ad that read “Co-owners for German Shepherd puppies needed”. Having absolutely zero knowledge of what co-owning a dog meant, I was skeptical but also intrigued. I wanted to know more, so I found her phone number from the Ad and sent her a quick text stating that I was interested in co-owning one of her pups. She got back to me immediately and sent me a link to her webpage. Going into this, I had no idea what it would be like co-owning a dog with a complete stranger, or even owning a German Shepherd. Once she explained the whole process to me, I was no longer scared. The process was very similar to adopting an animal from a shelter; pick out the pup, fill out an application, and wait for it to be approved. The process was way less invasive and she was very understanding of me living in an apartment, whereas most shelters refused me because of not owning a house with a fenced in yard. After my application was approved, I would receive daily updates on how the pup was, photos of the pup, and some details about when she would come home with me. This made me feel appreciated, and valued. I got to see that these pups meant a lot more to her than just a transaction, and that she ran a really good business. It was reassuring to me to know that Fawn was coming from a good, caring home. After a couple weeks went by, She arranged a meet up at the local park so all the new co-owners could meet the pups, as well as each other. This worked out really nicely, as everyone was super friendly and full of excitement. That week, Fawn was brought to my apartment with a large binder filled with resources and information on her breed, what to expect behavior wise, her vet papers, etc. She also spent about an hour chatting with me about Fawn and her other dogs, which was also great. I discovered very quickly that German Shepherds are very intelligent and also very responsive dogs. Over the past few weeks that I have had Fawn, she has been nothing but a joy and tad bit messy at times. She’s witty, SO loving, and a little bit clumsy. I always receive compliments on how beautiful she is, and I’ve also learned that no matter the size of the dog, she’s not scared of anything. Co-owning your pup is just the same as solely owning the dog with the advantage of having an experienced breeder step in when you need some advice, or even just some help. My experience with co-owning Fawn has been both relaxing, and relieving to know I have someone there to offer me advice and assistance whenever I need it. Even having a facebook group page so all the co-owners and breeder can chat, and submit photo’s is a great support system for people like myself, who are first time German Shepherd owners and who are unfamiliar with the breed. It’s just like buying a puppy from a pet store just with more perks. I would definitely recommend co-owning a pup with her if you ever get the chance. I look forward to seeing Fawn grow and in the near future even have puppies

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