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Hello, I am the owner and breeder of Irie Shepherds. We are a German Shepherd breeder located in Parry Sound, Ontario. Our dogs are hip and elbow certified through OFA or pennhip,  have regular vet check-ups and fed a high quality food diet. We care for our dogs like part of the family. I have owned dogs my entire life and have fallen in LOVE with the uniqueness of the German Shepherd


Welcome to Irie Shepherds, a  northern Ontario based breeder of German Shepherds. We are breeders of German Shepherds, producing quality family dogs.


We only breed dogs that are, healthy and in well temperament in hopes of producing some amazing puppies with outstanding temperaments and coat colors to share with you.

Our dogs are bred for companions or as working dogs, we                                                                             carefully choose bloodlines and genetics before breeding our                                                                       dogs


 All our our breeding dogs will be  OFA xrayed for hips and                                                                        elbows, unless stated otherwise. We also Embark test our breeding

dogs for any gentic health faults. Our dogs are cared for and                                                                        treated with quality care and we are proud members of Canadian 

Kennel Club



German Shepherds are hardworking, loyal and loving dogs                                                                            that make great companions for people and families despite the color of their coat.  These                     dogs can be easy to train and have in any type of house hold with proper exercise. They are sturdy yet agile and are very loyal to their owners.


   Our puppies are raised in a home environment with lots of love and interaction  starting at an early age. Puppy training starts as early as 3 days old with with the superdog super dog ENS, ESI and Breeder Boot camp programs and starting fundamental commands at 4 weeks such as  "no" "praise" 'name recognition"




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Irie Shepherds

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